8 Reasons Why Mother Should Shop Online More

Add a heading (1)Shopping, who doesn’t like it? Years ago, I thought I didn’t like to shop and buy things. I would always say, “it’s not my cup of tea” and honestly, I believed that. But then I was awakened and introduced to ONLINE SHOPPING and I finally realized it wasn’t the shopping that I don’t enjoy. It was going to malls to shop. I dread trying on clothes in the fitting rooms, waiting in line at the cashier specially during the holiday season and the amount of people in the mall never fail to give me head aches. In the Philippines, people love going to the malls for no reason at all and the anti-social side of me just couldn’t stand it.

And then there was Lazada.ph where I bought a lot of stuff for Kaleb and when we moved here in Hawaii, there is Amazon.com. I sincerely love Amazon for so many reason. I love online shopping period. But more so now that I am a wife and a mom who practically has no time for shopping. I mean, we do go to the mall a lot, but not to shop. We take Kaleb to Jungle Fun to play, to eat dinner with the family and yes, here and there I would sneak a visit to the shops and look around. But I always feel rushed when I decide to buy something from the mall. Who wants that, right?

So, here are the reasons why I think mothers should shop online more.

1. YOU CAN SHOP ALL DAY. There are days that I browse through Amazon almost the entire day. If something comes to mind that I want to check and price, I go to my app and search of it. The bit and pieces of moments that I have nothing to do, I use for shopping online. Online shopping doesn’t take time away from your family or work and yet you don’t need to rush.

2. YOU GET EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE. And at the tip of your fingers, literally. I don’t enjoy going to numerous stores for different things. To me, walking from store to store takes so much time. Online shopping resolves that dilemma for me.

3. THERE IS A WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS. We all try to stay within budget when we shop, mothers are wired that way. Amazon gives me options on anything I want to buy and depending on my needs and my available budget, I can look around without leaving the couch and my bottle of wine.

4. FREE DELIVERY. I’m under Dennis’ Amazon Prime Membership which means I get free shipping on almost everything. Even if I have to pay my own membership of $12.99, I still think it’s worth it since I do most of my shopping online. And it’s not only free delivery but they deliver fast. I get notifications when my parcels are late and honestly, I don’t mind waiting if it saves me time that I can spend with my family.

5. REAL REVIEWS AND RATINGS. I may not be able to hold and scrutinize the items I’m purchasing through online shopping, but it’s a disadvantage adequately compensated by reviews and ratings from customers. To me, this is very important- read the reviews because they are from the people who already purchased the items. When you search, you can filter based on ratings. I mostly look at items with at least 4 stars rating and over a hundred reviews.

6. COUPONS, DISCOUNTS AND FREEBIES. Yes, in Amazon there’s discount, coupons and freebies and if it’s your lucky day, you can get all three in one product. Always check if there are brands that offer extra discount and make sure you tick that coupon box under the price tag. I also love that some of the products are bundled with freebies. For example, I got a One-step hair dryer with a 10% discount and two headbands. I mean, it’s not much but it’s still free, so I’ll gladly take it.

7. YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN REVIEW. I always get emails encouraging me to write reviews after purchasing products from Amazon and though I have the choice to opt-out from these emails, I choose not to. I don’t always write reviews but if I feel strongly about a product, I spend time writing a review. Whether it’s positive review or not, if I think my point of view will be valuable to other consumers and what I think is something I didn’t read in the existing reviews, then it’s worth to put in my two cents. And some of the products actually gives gift card credits for those who would review new products or those that still don’t have ratings. I got that opportunity and Amazon gave me a $3.00 reward which I recently used to purchase my bathing suit for an upcoming vacation. That’s pretty cool.

8. IT GIVES YOU TIME TO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WILL BUY. Any of you has the tendency to impulsively buy and shop? Sometimes, I’m like that (specially on payday) and online shopping kind of helps me discipline myself. When I’m in the mood to shop for things that pop in my head, I put them in my Amazon cart and leave it there overnight or even a few days. This way, I’m able to give myself time to think about the items I want to buy and decide whether I’m willing to spend the money or if I really need it. And when I revisit my cart, I just either delete the items I decided I won’t buy or save them for later. Sometimes, when you are lucky you get better price for those items you save for later purchase.

This article might be late since a lot of people are already into online shopping, but I still want to share why my first option is to shop online. As a mother of a toddler, most of my attention, energy and patience is consumed by my son. I want to save all the time I can save to spend with him and Dennis. But I also have needs and other duties to accomplish. Online shopping is my compromise. I save the trips to mall for unavoidable circumstances or for when I don’t need to do anything but spend time with my family.

Here are few of my great finds in Amazon that I highly recommend:

Please read my disclaimer on affiliate marketing.

Happy shopping everyone!

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