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Hobby Mommy

Being a wife and a mother can easily consume 25 hours of our day. Throw in a full time job and there’s barely any time left to do anything else. That’s just how it is.

This is our reality.

Hence, picking up or keeping a hobby seems impossible and impractical because we’re already busy as it is. But I find this essential for our well-being and in carrying out the important roles in our lives. It is not an escape but rather a place where we can let our creativity flow from us and through whatever we create.

I don’t think we can or should escape being a mother and a wife no matter how short of a moment. I also don’t think we can dissect ourselves and separate the personas of a mom, and wife and you (or me). We are all of those people 24/7. But we can focus on one thing more than the other and feel different kinds of satisfaction that feeds our souls and makes us whole.

When I’m with my husband and we’re having our “babe time”, most of my focus is on him and us. I revel at how much I love him and that to me, he is the sexiest man alive. For that moment being a wife dominates. This may also be the case sometimes when we argue πŸ™‚

However, I admit that most of the time, being a mommy is the forefront of my days because my son needs me to tend to him. I think and act like a mom because Kaleb is dependent on me. And though it is not easy to be a mommy, I’m proud to be one.

With all these being said, why should we, busy-mommies, have at least one hobby?

I’m a self-proclaimed hobbyist who is in constant search for something new to try. And boy I’ve tried a lot and continuously trying. Here are my reasons why:

1. IT’S A FORM OF “ME” TIME. The common idea of “me” time for women is going to the salon, have your nails and hair done or the spa and treating yourself to a much needed massage in a room full of scented candles and nature music in the background. While this is 100% true and valid, spending time to do your hobby just because you want to is also a very good way to have that “me” time. I make jewelry beads for no reason other than my creative mind is hungry to create something. I put on my show, a glass of wine (night) or coffee (day), my bead tray in front of me and I’m set to sail into that place where it’s just me (with an occasional interruption of the utter need to use the bathroom or refill my drink). I need a few hours to satisfy my need, hence I plan it ahead. For example, if Dennis has to do something on his own for work or a project, I use that time while Kaleb naps too to do what I want. There are times that I need to set aside chores to do my nails or sew a dress for myself and that’s totally fine. What’s important is always be in a look out for those tiny moments you use to do something you love that doesn’t include folding clothes and dirty dishes.

2. IT’S GOOD TO TRY AND LEARN SOMETHING NEW. I’m a sucker for learning. Each year I make it my goal to try and learn a new skill. Last year I tried to learn how to knit (read on to know what happened) and in previous years I made felt crafts. Motherhood and wifehood can be routinary for most- family, work, grocery, laundry and repeat. A dash of something new wouldn’t hurt. At one point, I tried to learn Adobe Photoshop- I learned the basics until it got too complicated. This is a good exercise for our brain and our soul. Picking up a hobby can prevent being burnt out with the daily grind of life. And it is our responsibility to ourselves to keep feeling refreshed and excited about life.

3. IT’S A PROCESS OF SELF-DISCOVERY. In January 2019, I decided knitting would be a perfect thing to learn for the new year. I built my excitement by watching videos and reading how-to’s. It seemed doable, hence I got my thread and needles. At first, I just practiced on doing the most basic stitches and after a few weeks, I decided I was ready for a project. I attempted to do a scarf which ended up as a place mat. Turned out, knitting isn’t for me and so were few other things I tried along the way. But taking that extra step to just try it introduces me to things I can do and can’t do. I’m not very patient and so I don’t like doing projects that takes forever to finish. It also encourages perseverance and overcoming the hassle of not knowing. And I can go on and on when it comes to how taking up a hobby will help you develop as a person. Bottom line, it’s a healthy feat to take on.

4. IT FEEDS YOUR CREATIVE SOUL. My hands itch to create and make something, literally. There were nights I couldn’t sleep because my brain cells were busy visualizing the next dress or the next pair of earrings I wanted to make. That hunger has to be fed and something beautiful will surely come out of it. Another takeaway, as you feed your creative soul, your appreciation of life becomes more colorful. You tend to see beauty in almost everything. You see potentials around you. You get more daring in preparing meals for your family, how you do parenting and dating because the creativity in your soul extends to the ones you love.

5. IT’S A CHANNEL OF MEETING NEW PEOPLE WHO HAS THE SAME INTERESTS AS YOU. I made friends as I started to blog and do videos for my channel, Pinay In Hawaii. I obviously haven’t met these people in person but we’re connected by that same interest. There are no requirements for those relationships other than you love doing the same things. It gives me the opportunity of blessing them with my support and appreciation and they do the same thing to me. And I think it’s amazing to build friendships that way. I see their success and it encourages me to keep doing what I do because there are these people who inspire us. Isn’t that wonderful?!

6. THERE’S ALWAYS A POSSIBILITY OF MAKING EXTRA MONEY. This is kind of tricky for me because my hobbies are supposed to relieve me of stress. But when I add earnings and success in to the equation, I feel pressured to up my game. But, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider this possibility because that would be stupid. If you think you found something that you love to do and will give you income, why the heck not?! It’s always a possibility to generate income from your hobby and if that opportunity comes then so be it. I am miles and miles far from monetizing my youtube channel and it might not happen at all. But I truly enjoy doing it. Making bead accessories did earn me money when I was still in the Philippines and it helped for what Kaleb and I needed. If this is a path you want to take, then master the craft you love.

In closing, I want to encourage you women to pick up a hobby and learn and make it your own. The worst that can happen is you’re not good at it and you can move on to the next one.

Oh! And don’t forget to have fun!

5 thoughts on “Hobby Mommy”

  1. I really enjoyed this post! Having a hobby has always been my go-to for balancing out the craziness that comes with motherhood. My kids are now teenagers and I’ve turned to blogging for many of the reasons you mentioned– particularly meeting people with similar interests. Thank you for sharing and keep having fun πŸ™‚

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  2. Yes! Having a hobby is so important! Mine change from time to time so I try not to spend too much money on them, but it is so relaxing and fulfilling to just do something for myself.

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      1. Ooh pretty! I used to make jewelry back in the day. I had about 8 boxes of beads and sold some to a local shop.


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